Original Game Concept by MY5TCRIMSON on Gamejolt.
This is the second game in my streak of Indie games in Minecraft.
It's all about going through sections through different characters perspectives such as Knuckles, Tails, and Eggman.
I feel the map would be better played if you played the original Sonic.EXE, which I have linked at the top of this post.
SONIC.MCMETA is a re-make of SONIC.EXE, a game about a corrupted sonic cartridge left in the dumpster.
It's recommended to play with sound on, otherwise… it just wont be the same…
Play and repeat. Your brain grows numb. No other path has been taken by
your soul, but what if you went the way they warned you about?
What happens if you go back where paint used to cover? The door might be unlocked this time.
Don't be afraid to fight logic.
Who knows? Breaking limits might reward you, even…
Well… REWARD isn't really the right term for it…
Good Luck!
You'll need it…