Who Are You?

Hello! I'm WhoAteMyButter, a person that makes Minecraft maps; a lot of them on MinecraftMaps.com. I'm a map maker, a person that makes Minecraft worlds for other people to play on. The cool thing about maps is that you can make them your own. You can add secret command blocks with hidden messages in them, you can use MCEdit to put color codes, you can even rename some of the files to something secretive! I'm different from other map creators in the sense that I look at other people's maps and look at how they make their maps, and how I could implement their popular ideas into my own maps.

What do you do?

I make maps on Minecraft for play by other people! I often submit my maps to MinecraftMaps.com. In case you didn’t know, maps are pre-made Minecraft worlds that often use command blocks or functions to tell a tale about something. Not all maps are supposed to tell a story however. There are parkour maps, in which players must jump onto blocks to reach the end goal. Some are puzzle maps, where you must figure out a puzzle to advance in the map. Other maps are horror maps, where you are in a suspenseful environment with dark sounds and custom scary builds, where every corner can jumpscare you. I often make adventure and puzzle maps, however, I have made Burning Maps before.

How do I contact you?

There are many ways to! You can contact through some of the following: